Living Well

by Helltown

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This album was really important to me for some reason I still can't pinpoint. These are songs I had wanted to record and couldn't have done it without my best buds Trey Hanawalt and Joey Moody helping me out along the way.


released April 18, 2017



all rights reserved


Helltown Portland, Oregon

bedroom bullshit

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Track Name: Prom Night
Prom night's over and it's back to the nightmare
Pictures on a phone documenting despair
Did I wear the right dress and how was my hair?
It's no wonder I lost out, but who cares?
Well I care...

I thought it'd be fun, I thought it'd be cool
To run around dressed up in those mile high shoes
But all I got were blisters on my bare feet
And the promise of mediocrity

When I get back to class
Who will ask if I was there?

Getting back home early
To Mom and Dad sneaking upstairs.

No photos outside
Just a beat up old car.

That 95 Jetta
Sure never got me too far.

I know that one day this will be a faint memory
But I sure fantasized about kissing the prom king
The captain of the football team
But why would he wanna be with little ol' me?

But I swear I've got more to give
I can hold my own I've got dreams not kids
Almost 18 and not sure of myself
But fuck them all cause I'll be living well.
Track Name: Personal Tumblr
Type it out
Delete it all
Morning breath from alcohol.

The drool from your drunken slumber
Posts regretted
Personal tumblr.

It's 2006 you're 15 all over again
All your friends moved on
And you're stuck in some empty apartment wondering...

Writing words you'll never say
Whiskey means courage for days
Puke it out in the bathroom sink
Before the feeling starts to flee.

You told yourself this was the last time
And tomorrow you'll be feeling fine
But heartbreak gets harder with age
Why the fuck can't things be the same?

I'll get married I'll get some job
If I could only find someone
To hold my hand to say I do
All the things I'd give up for you
Waiting for me patiently
The train station down on park street
Say goodbye my sweet my dear
I'm leaving you back home
I'm leaving you here.
Track Name: Lone Fir
Burn my flesh
Take my eyes
I don't deserve
This thing called life.

I don't want to wake up
Dreaming of the past.

Throw myself in the river
To cleanse the life I've lived.

The holy christ
List my sins
Cause I'll laugh when I die.

I don't wanna wake up
Call when you get home.

Drain the blood from my body
So I can be your ghost.

I don't want to find you
Mascara running down your face.

I don't want you to see me
So I'll just fade away... I fade away.
Track Name: Falling Down Stairs
The scar on my chin
reminders of who I've been
Drunken falling down stairs.

You sat on the bed
Kept your feelings close to the chest
Never showed us the rest
You thought it could hurt.

Photos I kept
Mocked me as I wept
Hidden under the matress
Where we both slept.

Breaking my bones
Like hushed breath
Over empty dial tones
We were just scared
Too scared to be alone.

I tried to change
My world into one of good memories
But I'm stuck in the past
In places we've been.
Track Name: Slow Dancing
Strings of bad luck
Twists of fate
Always left me nothing
But a bad taste.

Stale beer
And Cigarettes
Another long night
Just another I'm trying to forget.

I'm still waking up
All alone
An empty bed
Stars on the ceiling in a childhood home.

At least its quiet
At least you're awake
Long enough to pick up the phone
To make that call you didn't think you'd make.

Dumb and drunk we slow danced
Thirty six questions proving romance
My body disappeared into yours
On the carpet in that old apartment.

The houses that we slept in were empty
Drives to work cigarettes and coffee
Became the usual things I'd do
All the things I'd do for you.

Hold my breath, you hold your liquor
But it couldn't have ended any fucking quicker
I forgot how to sleep alone in the room I rented to
Get away from the thought of you.

I'm pulling over in some dumbass place
In a dirty bathroom I tried so hard to face
The fact I'm not leaving it all behind.

A song plays we used to sing
Avoiding awkward comforting conversations
I have with myself on the long drive home.