Blood: Volume II

by Helltown

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if it's not all over the place, it doesn't belong in your face

various recordings from may 2016 - september 2016


released September 2, 2016



all rights reserved


Helltown Portland, Oregon

bedroom bullshit

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Track Name: I'll Carry Your Cross
ill carry your cross
ill bare the weight of it all
ill break all my bones
so you can stand tall

i will cut out my tongue
so you dont have to hear my speak
ill bleed myself dry
so you can feel something

ill be the one you can crush
ill let you break every bone
drink my blood and burn my flesh
till im encased in stone

ill be the air in your lungs
ill be the blood you bleed
ill be the hate in your heart
ill be the pain that you need
Track Name: Faded Ink
i was a new book for you
with thick print easy to read
you were broken and tattered
missing chapters and faded ink

i wish that i could just sleep
but reality bleeds into dreams
stood on the shores on that beach
so close but just out of reach

at last we're fully grown
functioning adults
loneliness sure has followed us
together but so alone

i told you i loved you
living between your whispers
i told you i loved you
you ignored my three words
Track Name: I Feel Nothing
sound clip from You're The Worst
Track Name: Northwest
picked up the phone cause youre drunk and alone in your bedroom
angry and stoned at the party trying to forget you
i miss your lips the sweet warmth of your kiss in the winter
my heart has grown cold every year i grow old but i can't let her go

i cant seem to let her go

ill send you each letter i wrote cause im hopeless
maybe ill see you in the city where it sometimes its snowing
i know how you hate the cold you know i loved it
my heart is breaking and its just so public
even though you never said a word i disappeared in every photo you took

i cant seem to let her go
Track Name: Paint You With Words
maybe you just need a quiet writer type
to paint you with words instead of photos and light
holding hands our bodies fade away
tried to forget you but i can't forget anything

driving my breathe fogs up the glass
clouding where i used to see clearly
the yellow lines fade away like you did
i miss you so much i miss you dearly

have you ever been sick wondering why you're breathing?
I've been that way lately struggling to find a reason
i don't know what I'm doing now i feel so distant and lost
i wander around this town trying to bury your cross

I'm writing these words in my own blood
I'm breaking promises i said i would keep
I'm doing all the things i said i would stop
i miss you so much i miss you dearly
Track Name: Hometown Hero
hometown hero
you're fathers pride
glow in the dark stars
on the ceiling cause you can't sleep at night

across the country
im fucking drunk at home
after a long night out
i ended up all alone

i still ended up all alone.
Track Name: Broken Before (Breaking Again)
on new years i asked you to marry me
a drunken mess in your bed
every word spilled out effortlessly
fucked up but i meant everything i said

on valentines day we planned dinner
but you were hungover from the night before
i brought you flowers and balloons
but they just ended up lifeless on your floor

i tried to myself ill forget you
at times i feel you slipping away
was it toxic for both of us?
all the memories i'm trying to hard to save

whenever when i close my eyes
i try to convince myself i don't want to die
pretend that you're next to me every night
but you're gone when i wake up in the morning light

I'm tired I'm lonley I'm trying to think
every heartbeat leads me to another drink
I'm sorry that I'm becoming the same as i was back then
i was broken before now I'm breaking again
I'm sorry i won't say it again